Its Mario 64 on a handheld! and better than before!

Man I remember Playing Mario 64 24/7 for the N64 back in a long time ago. I couldnt wait to play it again on handheld, as for this was the first DS game I bought. Super Mario 64 DS, for the Nintendo DS is a little different from the Super Mario 64 that you knew and grew up with. In the beginning you will be surprised to find the beginning a little changed, you taking conotrol of yoshi, but don't worry you will get your old lil' plumber soon, and other characters like Luigi and Wario which all have different abilitys. Other than that this is the same game, for better. All the levels are still there and all the annoying never ending stairs are still there. Another New edition to this game are the mini games! OK, you might be thinking I don't want to play mini games, I want to play Mario, but these mini games are very, very fun, at least to me they are.

Ok, the Review.

GAMEPLAY: 10/10 They nintendo DS controls the 3-D graphics very well, and I think nintendo should bring some more platformers to the DS *cough* Banjo Kazooie *cough*

GRAPHICS: 10/10 These graphics look the same as they did on the N64, or even better.

SOUND: 9/10 Great Music, average sound effects, what more could you ask for?

Value: 7/10 The value won't keep you playing this game for that long although, maybe the mini games will keep it alive for a couple weeks though.

Bottom Line. This is a must have for people who have never played this game, and for people who have played the game i'd recomend you just rent it to see the semi-new adventure.