Awesome game, a tad to easy, but very fun!

Awesome game, a tad to easy, but very fun!

The mission designs are fun and non-repetitive, The nifty puzzles in the missions are a lot of fun, and can sometimes be challenging.

Uploading coins to your online account really helps.

It is almost exactly like the online game in terms of earning coins and buying stuff for your penguins.

A lot of missions keeps the fun going. I think there are around 20 missions.

Great storyline. The game really explains a lot about Club Penguin.

Downloadable content such as online polls, news letters and MISSIONS!! Keep the game alive.

Game is a tad too easy. The game is directed I gues more towards 10 year olds.

With single card multyplayer, you can only play one game. And the game you can play id the disco game. It gets annoying if you want to play other games.

Lack of mini-games until you get 100% complete of the game. The whole thing is easy except for catching mullet, which is 3$ of the game. In the game he only shows up once in a while, and the times that he did was when my cousins were playing and didnt know how to catch him.

The lack of the newsletter in the downloadable content. You only get one page instead of the whole thing.


-Mission designs
-Uploading coins to your account
-Almost like online version
-Lots of missions
-Great storyline
-Downloadable content

-Tad easy
-Single card multyplayer isn't fun
-Lack of mini-games
-Lack of content in newsletter