Need some items

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I need charmiles (sorry if I spell it wrong) and some honeycombs. I don't have much good to trade ATM but we'll figure it out.

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how about i give you some chamomile seeds (grow in any season) and 3 bee keeper things XD deal?
#3 Posted by Hyrule_Sage (45 posts) -

Dont make me smack you :P

Im serious

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If you want straight out chamomile ill give it to you. but if you have seeds you can grow about 16 before the plant dies. and i am a bee keeper so i have tons of actual bee nests. i remember what it was like when i first started mine so im feeling generous. so ill give you 3 bee nests so you can start making honey, and either seeds or the actual plant.

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the decision is yours and i dont want anything in return.

#6 Posted by Hyrule_Sage (45 posts) -

I think I want the seeds and the bee keepers.

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ok im online, im waiting for you

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oh sorry just now checked this, im coming!