Great game .The graphics gameplay and multiplayer are great however too hard and too repetitive.

monster hunter freedom 2 is a great game that follows its previous title with a hell lot more monsters and armors not to forget to mention the items.
I suggest buying it straight away if u are a MHF fan but if u never tried it i suggest renting the previous title too see what does it consist of .
For those who have it i suggest using any weapon except the gunlance .On wyverns attack the head and the belly.
And the most important part is too use ur items very carefully,In the game they tell u to use flashbombs and stuff however I stuck to one thing,first attack normally and lower his health when he reaches anger mode then let him have it first use flash bombs and while he's dazzled plant a lot of bombs around and a pitfall trap and wait for him to snap out of it.then throw another flash bomb when u run out start using the trap and bombs u planted and by time u should tire him badly .Take a lot of extra items for replacements and take the combining books with u (all 5 if possible).
contact me on my email address monster.h@hotmail.co.uk
or my PS3 user britishcrusader2 for more info.