Aliens, Spaceships, Guns. The Ultimate Trifecta

If your a fan of the Creatures from Resident Evil, the Scares from FEAR, the excellent boss battles from God of War, the graphics from Metal Gear Solid 4, or the shooting mechanic from Uncharted, buy this game. This game has it all, action/adventure, drama, suspense, horror, everything EA needed to make a extremely original game, the game characters think theres a minor problem with an asteroid mining spaceship, Called the Ishimura, but find out it was a huge problem for the old attendants, and a hell of problem for them. the story is very well written, the graphics are VERY-well-rounded, and the enemies are as different as night and day. the Trophies (or achievements) are relatively easy to obtain, all you need to do is beat the game, then again on impossible and you should have gotten them all, thats what i did (i suggest you beat it on easy first to get the ONE GUN trophy with ease, then load your cleared saved game to get the MAXED OUT trophy because guns are easier to upgrade on easier difficulties). so if your a gamer of any kind, buy or rent this game ASAP