intense is the only enjoyable difficulty for me. plus top 10 charactors

a real thriller but the game is fairly easy and easy to unlock all of the charactors but still amazing

top 10 charactors
1.Meta knight
4.King Dedede
5.Mr. game and watch
6. Diddy kong
8. Olimar
9. Marth

top 3 worst charactors
3rd worst.jiggilypuff
2nd worst.Ganon
worst. captain falcon

if your character is on this list than you probably retarded or looking for a REAL challenge.

some may think sonic deserves a spot but he is too weak and super sonic is easy to doge for the expert players. r+left/right control stick.....remember that next time you play against sonic using idiots.

if your wondering why falcon is the worst character in the game? than your probably still stuck in the SSE on easy XD