Please read the review please ;D !

Guitar Hero 5 is a really nice game!

The Good Things:
You can spend so many hours on the game that its sick. You can always get resistance out the game. When you have complete the game at medium you can on hard and then on expert. Its close imposible to complete the game on expert but i have do it. It takes a loooong time and it will be very difficult. If you look at the graphic its mutch better then on some other ps 2 games.

The Bad Things:
There are a BIG mistake of them there have construct guitar hero 5! You can ONLY play the game on the slim model. If you put the disc in the old "big" ps2 it says there are a disk error wtf i think.... I have look up at it and it was a fail and there sry for the fail. I dont know if this is a good or a bad thing but sometimes i think its so hard than "normal gamers" can't complete it. If you see it on the light sight its good because you always get challenge but on the bad sight its **** weird. Maked by MadsCornelius