As the best all-in-one package yet, Halo: Reach should be classified as a drug.

Welcome to planet Reach. You will be spending a long time playing this game, or will after this review. This game, is more than a game. The reason? The content is the strongest portion of this game. There is a day playthrough campaign that will stay with you as the other Halos (albeit, not as memorable, but close.), Endless multiplayer, with so many different lobbies that make every playthrough unique, a seriously revamped Firefight 2.0 that kicks BLAM with its own unique game modes, almost twice as many options for customization of custom games or firefight, a revamped forge that is way easier to use, challenges that change every day and one every week to give you a objective, and theater, where you can eat all the chips and watch your custom made Avatar-quality action movies. As I said, lots and lots of content.

But is the core gameplay really good? Of course! The changes are big, but there was only need to fix one weapon: the good old magnum. The magnum was a worthless piece of junk that wasn't even good against a grunt, but now, it has become what a magnum should be; a versatile, accurate, and powerful pistol. It makes the game feel better when you know that every weapon can hold its ground. The new weapons breathe life into the series, and all the weapons have so much more detail. The actual shooting is very fun as A.I actually listened to their drill sergeants at boot camp and don't just stand there. Their movements are almost always natural with a very small amount of animation quirks (Elites + Spartan Lasers = Seizure Dancing), they dodge, hear, see, and when you shoot them, they respond. They do hide behind cover, or ambush you at times, with enemies moving to proper formations, based on their weapons.

The matchmaking multiplayer is nearly flawless, with a addicting lust to beat down and shoot anything in your sight. It would be completely perfect if armor lock never existed or was nerfed. The gameplay is simply groundbreaking at showing what the xbox can seriously do. The ranking system is also revamped for matchmaking, giving you credits for basically everything. You rank up by credits, which are achieved mainly through matchmaking. It is addictive compared to Halo 3's truBLAM ranking system. And they increased the customization of your spartan by almost six times more content than Halo 3's customization. Speaking of matchmaking lobbies, there may be many lobbies, but almost all the time, you will get the same modes for that lobby, which stinks. An example would be that on Rumble Pit *Free for all* 99% of the time, it will always be a slayer instead of a choice to even pick headhunter, juggernaut, or oddball. Also, players should only be able to vote once, so they don't pick something and change it later, as it is very annoying. The DLC's are honestly horseBLAM, so ignore the DLC packs. If you get tired of matchmaking, you could always do firefight, where you kill waves of covenant in different fashion. I can only complain and say I wish there were a few more modes for firefight, but generally, its an amazingly fun experience that makes Halo 3: ODST's firefight unplayable.

And the very last thing I should mention, detail. There is so much detail. There will be amazing music that you will want to hear over and over again, the weapons and player models look very detailed. The ambient sounds add a great touch to the game, along with the big skyboxes and bigger maps with added detail than just a few crates. Assassinations are actual assassinations, with a few nicely detailed real-time scenes. Everything is well crafted and nothing looks hastily made. The sound quality is nothing short of the best I have ever heard, with just the steps sounding so natural. The customization of game modes can be done (with creative minds) to have a fun game that isn't even a shooter anymore. This leads to the last and most important thing of all to enjoy Reach at it's prime: Friends welcome. To play around, you need a friend with you. You and your friend will be going through matchmaking nearly constant together, normally on rumble pit, having so much satisfaction when you assassinate each other. Nothing is better than winning a game because you killed your friend. Nothing is better than watching you pwn your friend in theater, with your friend. Too bad you have to do that alone in two different lobbies though, because you can't watch with your friend for some reason in the same lobby. However, even through all that, this is seriously the best game on Xbox 360 so far out in my opinion, because of the amazing content from a great campaign and a replayable multiplayer, over and over. If you truly want a game you can rely on for an amazing experience, get Reach... Legal Powder.