If your looking for good shootouts and cool action sequences, Quake 4 Just might be the game for you.

Second time around that I'm plying Quake 4, so thought I'll delete my old review and write a new one. It's been an year since I last played the game the first time, and it's still exciting as it was before.

The game is made for action and a good rush of adrenaline, with the occasional scare a the boss fights, something new that Quake 4 adds are the team based combats. You are part of the Rhino Squad, so you'll play along side them and other squads in the battle against the Strogg. Adding the team aspect does not mean it's like Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon, the team acts on their own and may aid you in some battles, but the lonely shooter feeling is there for most of the game, where you'll be alone. The plot take a twist halfway through the game, which keeps you wanting for more.

The GOOD: Good graphics, yes the graphics are still good to date. the sound is good too, it takes you deep in to the game play, the voice actings is pretty good and they have done a good job in it. Good actions sequences when battling the enemy Strogg. Some cool weapons that you can cause damage with, although keep in mind that the good old Machine gun is what will take you through most of the game, there are weapon upgrades that are added on like the auto-tracking feature added to the nail gun when in zoom mode. There is also the addition of vehicles and combat using them, which is quite fun. There is the online play, if you liked Quake 3 then your are sure to enjoy the multi player element of the game.

The BAD: It feels like the usual FPS, nothing drastically innovative, and it feels a bit like Doom 3, may be because the same engine was used in Quake 4 as well as Prey. The game is quite easy, on easy and normal. The story is what will keep you on to the game.

Overall the game is quite straight forward if it's Strogg kill it, the game uses Linear game play, which is similar to Doom 3 and Prey. The game is fun to play and has a well planned out story. The best part in the game for me were the action sequences when battling the Strogg.