dead space 2

Dead space 2....This game is the scariest game i've ever played and the bloodiest. This game is not hard,its not easy, its just right:) There are alot of good guns like the "Plasma cutter" and the "javelin" for me, I also like the "line gun" and the "seekerrifle", for those of you who have this game, you know what im talking about:D You fight aliens called "Necromorphs". Those are the weak aliens, the "Brute" on the other hand is MUCH MUCH stronger and bigger,fatter, and scarier, They have to be shot in there weak spot which is there shoulder. Then there's the "Regenerator", those aliens DONT die...If you cut there limbs off the regenerate them in about 30 seconds or less so theres no escaping that one. There's "The Pack", These guys are my favorite aliens to fight because they come in about pack's of 20's or 30's and there the size of kids and there easy to kill for me. Theres the "Infector" which is in the shape of a stingray and sucks on dead bodies and turns them into necromorphs! theres one called the "Puker", I really hate these aliens because they puke on you and it slows you down and they take about 6 shots to kill, theres alot more aliens but right now im going to tell you about the difficulties. there is "casual" "medium" "zealot" and "hardcore", i dont know if theres a "hard" difficultie but who cares, in hardcore mode there are NO checkpoints, and you can only save your game 3 times in the whole game and there is less ammo and there are less health packs, in zealot mode its pretty much the same but you can save almost on every chapter, but there is less health packs&less ammo. Ive passed the game on "casual" and "medium". When you play it on medium you will need a "trigger happy" finger:)....Well thats all i have to say. C YA!:)