I really enjoyed this game. It's like taking a trip into the looking glass on a mission to bring back the dead.

Get ready for a highly addictlive, can't stop game. One you dive into this one, you will not be able to put the mouse away. The game mixes paranormal and supernatural elements with a love story and along with that pulls in a bunch of kids. With a Mad doctor at the center of it all, it felt like I could not go fast enough into each new part of the game to find out what is going to happen next. That feeling, is something too rare in adventure games these days, we need more games with good strong stories. I am more for this than fancy graphics or silly puzzles. The characters are strong and the way they are used to tell the story is superb. The cut scenes are of great quality and are used exactly as they should be to more the story forward.
The question is, is this a great game?
My answer is a resounding YES!