A sophisticated and enduring experience that will keep you busy for months to come.

If anything, "The Movies" certainly gets the job done. I have never played a more polished game in my entire life. It's a game with endless lasting appeal,featuring gorgeous visuals, superb detail, and most importantly, sharing the virtual motion picture with anyone around the entire world. I was surprised, and very pleased how this game came out, and you will be too!
You start out as an indy-film maker. Little money, low quality images, and cheesy sets. But as you advance throughout your career, you will eventually find yourself surrounded by a whole lot of goodness. and I mean A LOT. High paid actors will want to be in your films, your studio will become gigantic with employees and acting agents, but you will also become extremely rich, and the game will takes a good note of spending your money wisely. This is definitely one of the games shining point.
You really feel like you are controlling your job as the director with all of these features in the palm of your hands.
And Did I mention the graphics and audio? Absolutely amazing. Each
part of your studio looks well designed and life like. Yet, the true key is the dialogue and voice actors in the game. The creators nail it. You can have actors say things completely serious, but you can also let them be comedic and goofy. In fact, you can do anything you imagine! This game is THAT good.
It's not easy making a good film either. It takes long periods of time, and the audio recording with your mic/headset can be very tricky and frustrating.But once you get the hang of it, I guarantee you will have a blast. But the best thing about "The Movies" is when you share the movie you've created to your friends. The hard work and determination finally pays off, and it's priceless seeing their reaction.
So, what can I say about this video game? Well, it's one of the best games of the year, and you best not miss it. The "Movies" has an infinite value, and you will be playing this for a long time ahead of you. With it's ingenious interface, beautiful production, and fun gameplay, "The Movies"
is simply worth every penny. Two Thumbs up!