Not the best RPG

From my game play this isn't one of the best RPG's to play especially if your deciding to try an RPG for the first time. At first when I started playing it was okay, at "that" time .If the game continued like I thought it was going to be I would have gave it a 7 out of 10…..WRONG!!!!!!! After a few more days of playing I decided to give this game a 4 out of 10. This game was shorter than I thought it was going to be. I don't know what it is but it seems like RPG's are getting shorter and shorter. I can say that the multiplayer may be the best thing out of the whole game. You have the ability to join missions with other players and on top of that you can build your own town in the Georama, but that alone didn't even change my mind about the score of this game and it is not changing my mind about trading it in for some good 'ol edge card credit. Here is how I break down the elements that I find important in a game:

Story: I liked the story . It does a great job of building up the suspense. Well its not exciting where your at the edge of your seat but it has that "I just want see what happens next" feel. This is the one element of the game that actually kept me playing. If the story happened to be terrible then I would have sold this game for credit quickly.

Characters: The characters were decent, not very exciting I mean not even the villains were as "bad" as you think they are. Although I did like how Grazel summoned the Sun King with coolness. The character I did like was Caesar. He was your laid-back funny man, and funny-dressed in the beginning .

Music: Most of the music is boring to me. I did like the song that was played when a boss battle was happening, and I did like the piece that was played when we were in Dogma Rift

Graphics: I can say the graphics in this game were very vibrant, so vibrant that sometimes you can't find where to dig for materials sometimes if it were available.

Controls: The controls were very easy to work with. I can say the only thing I would change is using the L3 R3 buttons for giving commands. I think it would have been easier to have a dropdown box instead.

There are a couple pros to this game, he graphics being one of them. I like the option of making your own combos. There are so many moves to make so many different combos. The knights were a cool part of the game also . It seems every time you turn into a knight everything is easier, but the looks of the different knight s was the best thing, plus the characters changing into the knights kind of remind you of the first every power ranger series……. What don't act you didn't watch power rangers.

The con's , and there is one con specifically that outweighed the whole idea of this this being a nerve racking game. The number 1 reason I gave this game a score of 4 out of 10 is because it…. Was….. So….. REPETITIVE!. It had the same monsters in every explorable area, oh but it gets worse every time you turn the corner they are in groups of 3, and as soon as you beat that group 5 more steps and there is more!!!!!!! I guess the idea of changing the element of the creature makes it different but it doesn't. A spider is still a spider, and elemental is still an elemental ok stop it. There was one area in the game called Van Haven waste , it was a complete frustrating and a very annoying explorable area. Along with the repetitive enemies there are also big beasts which take more time, and the annoying part is they put two in one area…. So close together…..blocking where you need to go. The next thing that mad me upset was when in action and you get knocked down, it take an infinity years for your character to get up like they are super hurt or something. I'm tryna get that hit in before the enemy busts my butt again. In addition to slow attacking I hate when you pick a certain move for the knight to do and they have to pose for the move, its like "Hurry and hit before they hit you".

Overall the story, battle mode, and a little bit of the multiplayer saved the game from bombing completely. I only liked playing the multiplayer if I was playing with someone other than that I really didn't care to much. I like that you are able to choose from swords, bows, staves, axes, and spears along with divine, and elemental magic. Putting some combos together along with the summoning the knights can make battles a little fun…. But not a lot.