Roller coaster Tycoon, is a reavolutionary way to create cities of track, or a scenic view.

Roler coaster Tycoon is an astounding game, and features coaster design, park management, and Scenery construction.I think it raised my IQ a bit :D.but realy, there is a lot to be apreaciated about this game. Things that make a game good: Large area: the customisable size leaves you know problem.Chalenge: three words, TONS OF 'EM.Details: if you click on a duck in a pond, it quacks. yes there are details. Suround your coaster with fire. or put it in the middle of a dessert. and if you think about it hard, you can get it under water.Customisability: create every foot of your park. From the size to the trees to the mountains to anything you can think of, this is ten times beyond what you imagine of the game at first glance.