Mega Addictive!

I had played the first one, and it was pretty cool... sadly, it was based on a series of films that weren't exactly dear to my heart, nor was I eager to rehash them with Lego.

However, the sequel hit it on all fronts for me. It was fun, funny, addictive, and even challenging (This was one of those games when we had to keep reminding each other that it was made for kids.)

The gameplay was smooth and when I was done making my way through all the chapters, I was still rearing for more. So far, I've ploughed through a couple Bounty Hunter levels (like the Muppet Babies for Bounty Hunters) and I'm still digging around to find all the hidden stuff scattered throughout the game. I continue to shop this game around to my friends to make sure I'm not the only one with the problem - and while I know I won't buy it for full price, I might not wait until I can get it used for $20.