EA totally rushed to end the epic saga like morons who never knew how to make a game. This game sucks like hell, like EA

User Rating: 1.5 | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 PS3
In the last episode of Harry Potter, a disaster has befallen. No I'm not talking about Voldemort. The disaster is the makers behind the final game: EA.

"It all ends here..."

I can't even call this a Harry Potter game anymore. Except the characters, story and the settings NOTHING is like the fantasy action adventure game it used to be. You can never tell if this is just another scripted and re-textured version of some typical third-person shooter!

Firstly I never understood the point of why the games had to be two part like the films. Yeah sure it would be injustice to crop materials from the epic novel finale for the films so they made it bi-part. But I don't understand why couldn't those pathetic excuse for game developers called EA Bright-light had to split the final adventure into two, not only RUSHING it but DESTROYING all expectations, fun and ruining the ending which could have been remarkable.

Couldn't they have made the two games a whole single part by taking their time until DH2 film came out and produce something enjoyable?


It's all money. That's all they care about. They milked this franchise into ruining the video game like. I thought Goblet of Fire the game sucked but this one sucks even worse.

Nothing else to say. Going into details is not possible since I will have to repeat this sentence over and over again: "It sucks and keeps on sucking more!"

1.5 rating for barely lasting 5 hours, for throwing spells that has out-of-the-franchise effects, for dull combat, for lack of puzzles or interactive sections, for disgusting AI and for ruining the possibility of an epic ending of one of my favorite franchise of all times.

Long live Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets video game: the best in the series.

The Legacy of Potter-verse will live on forever, whether disasters like this happens or not.