Retains the good points of its predecessor, and adds more fun and charm in the magical world. Best game in the series.

User Rating: 8 | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets PC

If you thought the first Potter game was boring, lame and too easy, Chamber of Secrets is here to fix all that. I always like Chamber of Secrets, be it the novel, the movie or the game. I think it is the best moment in the Potter series. This game is a prime example.

It has almost all the neat features the old one had. Exploring the castle, finding secrets, messing in the dungeons and collecting wizard cards. On the top of that now you can duel others (which is really really fun), make your own potions (ironic, provided what happened in the dungeons last year, play the last game) and learn whole new spells above the old familiar ones.

Harry can use the well known Flipendo, Almohomora , Lumos right off the bat. And now he can learn Rictusempra, Spongify, Scurge, Diffindo. Expelliarmus, Harry's signature move and Mimblewimble are duel-exclusive. Wingardium Leviosa and Incendio however, did not return. The game is nearly the same as the last on in terms of adventure: only depth has grown. You can solve puzzles by casting spells, defeat enemies, discover secrets and do a lot more you couldn't do before. It's really fun.

The story is now more fleshed out. The in-engine cinematic sequences are often lengthy and deliver much of the original plot. And the game is more interesting to play. However, the characters still look like toys.

Apart from that the graphics is superfine. They eliminated the presence of most of the glitches and bugs unlike in the previous installment and the game is more playable. The lighting is gorgeous and the atmosphere is well constructed. The music is, as expected: top-notch!

The only disappointing factor is that the Quidditch matches are dumbed down. In the previous game you actually maneuvered Harry's movement after the snitch and snatching it (although the game was way too easy and the only way to lose was to lose all your stamina). This time the enemy seeker does snatch the snitch before you do if you are lazy but the movement is automatic and all you can do is fight off enemy seekers and grab the snitch when you can. Despite this shortcoming, the game more than makes up for it with a lengthier adventure and re-playable duels.

Being the best game in Harry Potter series, Chamber of Secrets easily beats its more modern cousins, specially Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire. Atleast to me. I think I can still pull this game off the shelf after a long time and enjoy it like I'm playing it for the first time. I think in this game, I can truly immerse myself in the world of JKR and never wake up.