Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Start a Complete Program We're On Our Way
    Finish a 5-week Complete Program Hollywood Trainee
    Finish a 10-week Complete Program Star Client
    Complete all Exercises Total Workout
    Complete a Single Workout Any Time, Any Place
    Complete all Single Workouts Single-Minded
    Perform 5 consecutive reps Rep streak
    Earn Target Points in an Exercise Set Your Goals
    Earn Target Points for a week in a Complete Program Maintain Your Goals
    Earn Target Points in an entire Complete Program Exceed Your Goals
    Miss no days for a week in a Complete Program Perfect Week
    Miss no days in an entire Complete Program Perfect Program
    Burn 100 calories Burn, Baby, Burn
    Burn 1000 calories Dynamo
    Burn 10000 calories Inferno
    Earn 1000 points Rookie
    Earn 10000 points Veteran
    Earn 50000 points Harley Star
    Perform 5 minutes of cardio No Sweat
    Perform 60 minutes of cardio Keep Breathing
    Perform 200 minutes of cardio Move That Body
    Perform strength exercises for 5 minutes Push And Pull
    Perform strength exercises for 75 minutes Getting Stronger
    Perform strength exercises for 300 minutes Tight And Toned
    View all pages in Workout Journal Personal Workout History
    Complete all Upper Body Exercises Tower Of Power
    Complete all Lower Body Exercises Limbo Leader
    Complete all Core Exercises Extra Crunchy
    Ready your body for those action-packed sequences Action Movie Star
    Focus your moves to effectively defend yourself Martial Arts Movie Star
    Tone your physique in order to squeeze into that superhero outfit Superhero Movie Star
    Dance for multiple retakes without tiring Music Video Idol
    Win those individual competitive challenges Castaway Reality Show Winner
    Work your muscles while perpendicular to gravity Plank Champ
    Get the upper hand on your opponents Prize Fighter
    Strengthen your legs to run at lightning fast speed Olympic Sprinter
    Spin and fly across the ice surface Skating Gold Medalist
    Train your body to endure a grueling race Triathlon Champion
    Step forward enough times to walk a mile Walked A Mile
    Sidestep enough times to travel a mile sideways Crab Walk
    Perform enough push ups to lift a school bus Heavy Lifting
    Row far enough to kayak across the mouth of Niagara Falls Kayaked Across Niagara Falls
    Ski down far enough to descend through the Andes Mountains Totally Yodeling
    Jump enough distance to leap over the Empire State Building It's A Bird, It's A Plane
    Crush enough oranges to make 25 gallons of orange juice Freshly Squeezed
    Pedal far enough to bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach Beach Cruiser
    Climb high enough to scale up out of the Grand Canyon Scaled The Grand Canyon
    Complete 15,000 reps. Hollywood, look out! Red Carpet Body

    Contributed by: Guard Master