This game is awful.GOD WOULD BE UPSET.The combat is terrible the story 's non exist terrible Please stay away from this.

User Rating: 1 | Hard to be a God PC
Everything is terrible the combat,story etc.There Really isn't any reason to play this game.I tried to give this boring game a fair chance,but the story is so mediocre I couldn't stand it and don't let me get started on the combat.The combat is actually below average games slasher same old stuff.I would love to say this games was good but it wasn't.This game is actually an atrocity to PC gaming all together.I wouldn't even recommend playing this game for free.There's just so many bad things about this game.I don't know why this game couldn't get more time in development.I just hope they never make another game,it's actually a disgrace to video games in general there isn't one good thing I can say about this game.I just hope no one buys this terrible game.This just makes gamers want to quit games.I wasted hours playing this crappy game.I'm actually upset at myself 4 even looking at this game in the first place.