Played the demo, surely not buying the game.

User Rating: 1 | Hard to be a God PC
Usually it takes more than five minutes to tell whether a game is good or not. This time it took exactly 4 minutes (including loading times) - character control is cumbersome, horse-riding is mediocre (why is the horse going forward when I press the left or back key?). And there seems to be no way to strafe - which is a great inconvenience, for in combat you have to face the enemy (because your character always swings his weapon in front of him, regardless of where the enemy is), which leaves you just with standing rooted to the ground and hoping the enemy won't move, so you can hit him.

The interface is a giant leap backwards in terms of intuitiveness and ease of use. For heaven's sake - Diablo had a far better interface and when was the game made?

The dialogues... The lines are naive, one has the feeling that the writer was very tired writing some good stuff for some other game and wanted to finish the dialogues for this game as fast as possible.

To tell the short story, well, short - there are really MANY games worth playing, so just don't bother with this one - it's a waste of time.