Hard to be A God has some good and some bad elements, but it's better to play if you have a fairly powerful system.

User Rating: 5.5 | Hard to be a God PC
I find that the game has a decent, if uninspired story. It has a decent engine, which requires you to change clothing in order to avoid getting beat up all the time. There are some glaring problems I'd like to point out, though.

The game is sluggish, and I am surprised that since this game has been out since 2007 that there has not been a patch released to address this. My system is no warp engine, but it runs the most recent and demanding games, like Crysis, Fallout 3 and Dead Space, pretty good with decent framerates. HTBAG moves about just passably, and there are not a lot of tweaking options that address this.

The character can get locked in an area that he cannot escape, like a closed building. I had to restart a few times when this happened - there is no autofix like in old games I have played (like Morrowind) that detect you are stuck and pop you out.

Inventory routinely gets corrupted. Another time I had to restart and go to a prior save was when suddenly I am missing inventory, or my inventory is replaced with multiple copies of one of my items. Restarting and coming back to the same save doesn't work - you have to go to a prior save bafore that happens.

Sometimes the enemies you run into can be far above your level - or just way too powerful even though they are many levels below you. I fought some "Killers" who were level 2, and I was Level 5; they were beating me for 45-50 point COMBOS, while my atacks with a releatively high level weapon was not able to defeat them with I don't know how many multiple strikes. My only saving grace is that they accidently struck some NPC soldiers who then fought them back. But should I have been able to beat them myself?

The conversation system is strange. If you don't hit the space button NPCs will stand there for up to two minutes until the dialog choices box shows up. sometimes, if I hit the space bar at the wrong time the first choice is chosen, at least once this led to me getting beat down!

At least up to the level I played, the inventory "bag" is just paltry. If you have to carry around all of those different "disguises" - which means one full set of clothing per type of faction you need to imitate - your inventory fills up much too fast. It needs extra pages, ala Titan's Quest (and a host of other games of this genre). Maybe a magic bag or two (like Neverwinter Nights) would help... something!

The music is just music. Nothing special. The sounds are okay, thankfully they gave you a warning sound that someone doesn't like your "disguise" and is coming to kill you...

When you interact with something or someone, there is that long pause again - irritating.

When you open your inventory, journal, skills, etc. the game keeps going. This mean an enemy could pwn you while you are not aware. The inventory takes a lot of the screen, and you can't see much of the game with it open. Pulling your weapon is a little too slow for my taste as well, and it sometimes takes a little running around before you can comfortable extract a weapon.

There is a "lock-on" but I cannot say that it works. I have had fights where I was supposed to be locked on, but still hit a NPC - guess what, now your fighting all NPCs of that class in the area! If an NPC kills an enemy that your fighting, geuss what you get - buttkiss! You get no bonus points from causing someone to die - you have to kill him yourself!

It's very hard to fight with an arrow because the enemies come right at you and chase until they are right on top of you. There are really no places to go and safely fire off arrows that I have found - anywhere you can go, so can the enemy. Although they don't seem to want to follow you indoors.

There is a day / night engine - but your character does not sleep, and therefore does not "recover". Not very cool. There are very expensive health restoral items, and there are plants that restore - but you can exhaust these in one skirmish.

You can steal from chests / boxes and there are no consequences. The chest can be right next to a resident and nothing will happen to you. Evidently there is no personality aspect in this game.

Despite those problems, the game is still enjoyable. I think it can be worthwhile to a person who has a worthy system. If ti can run at higher frames, it's at least worth a playthrough. I am sorely disappointed that there has been no attention from the company to address the problems, and I worry that there will be a new game without fixing this one.