Highly Underated this game is better then expected.

User Rating: 9 | Hard to be a God PC
There are many games like this on the market now for direct download and they are higly underated game because they are not made by big companys seeking to make a quick buck..
These small companys that produce this kind of product have to be applaued because its these game makers that are really keeping the gaming industry from stagnating into pretty graphics and no gameplay substance of the XBOX generation of games..

This game brings decent graphics and good game play to the table with elements of RPG and tactical type games folded into one enjoyable game if given the chance.

The only annoying thing i find in this game is that i can't set my graphics to 1920 x 1080 but its still nice enough to to keep you enterained on lower resolutions.
Gamplay reminds me alot of Mount & Blade with a hint of Diablo and those type 3rd person view games. With a good blend of story and a very likable theme i give this 9 out of Ten for its effort and Gameplay.
I recommend buying this game if your like your RPG games.