A very good rpg.If givin a chance!

User Rating: 8 | Hard to be a God PC
I myself can only think why other gamers gave this game a bad score was because they didnt really give it much time to open up,But once you get into the world of it you will keep playin until you reach the end,I know i did,,The controls are kinda off putting,however you will get used to that in no time at all,you really are gettin something great from this game,There is plenty of weapons to work with aswell as armour,helmets etc...,I would put this game up with the likes NWN,However thats just me,Every gamer is different,and will have there own preferences to what certain things they would like to see in games etc,This game could of been better true but nearly every game can.If confused going through the story,dont worry that will be all answered .HARD TO BE A GOD is a good rpg and i hope more will finish it and see that.cheers