Looking for people to play with? Come here!

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Name is m4sterXXchef Currently Level 43 . I'll be glad to play with anyone 30 or higher. I'm not going to ask you to 1v1 me or change your gamertag. I just ask that you have a mic, speak English, and be over 12 years old. I play a lot and I'm always looking for people to play with. Just send me a friend request and say that you're adding me for happy wars. Thanks!!!
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Bumping because I am still looking for people to play with.
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send me a request i'm on quite a bit. Just hit 31 so looking for some people to get some wins with. Can play any class GT : o Bayliff o
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Added you.

Still looking. I play almost every day. level 47 now. 

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Master add me. TACO_L0RD, if others want to add me be sure that you are at least lv 40+ or I'll remove u.