Happy Wars Clan - Recruiting skilled players

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Clan Name: Synergy <-- (May change) Happy wars can be very addicting as you are leveling up trying to find gear upgrades, however it can also be frustrating if you are held back by inexperienced players or dropped games in matchmaking. To avoid that, this is why I am here and hopefully you as well. I plan to recruit just enough people to where we can have a solid ~5-7 players in the same xbox live party in the late evenings (US) Requirements: 1. Rank 30 + with good understanding of desired class. (May make exception for dedicated players) 2. Must have a mic and speak English 3. Be able to play most nights (America Time) Disposition: 1. Looking for nice, honest people that want to make friends with other clan-mates. 2. Play as a team, and for fun. Also: I will be looking for a Co-Leader that can assist me in bringing the clan together when I am offline. Initially, the main focus will be Co-op/Special events until we can reach our quota of 5-7 online members at a time. To Apply: As applications will be taken seriously, they need to be complete. Send a xbox live message to Gamertag: xX Sessions Xx Include in your message your Rank, Availability, and Desired class. Feel free to add any additional information that you feel might assist your application. I will retrieve your requests on that account and will respond to you on my primary account with information regarding your application. The application and try-out process will be a minimum of 2 days unless you exceed my expectations. Once a Co-leader is chosen, all applicants must be approved by both of us. Looking forward to your interest in Clan Synergy.
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i would but im not a level 30. i will be i just havent played enough games. im level 11 right now.
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Darren, we are currently very selective on our applicants, however if you prove to be dedicated, I would like to give you a shot. Aim for those MVP spots in your games and let me know when you are around rank 25-ish.
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sure...if i remember by then..not sure how long it takes to level up that much. i dont normally get the mvp as i am usually the only one who does any healing/sacred armor.
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I'd like to join i'm a dedicated player at about lvl 30 or 31. I speak english and am available just about every night. And my most effective classes are Warrior and Cleric. Im not to fond of the Mage but am willing to work with it.
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I'd like to join i'm a dedicated player at about lvl 30 or 31. I speak english and am available just about every night. And my most effective classes are Warrior and Cleric. Im not to fond of the Mage but am willing to work with it.MurderXcell
Please apply and I will send you a friend request on my primary account as I do not have access to your gamertag. We are currently at 3 skilled/consistent players and are still recruiting. The Co-Leader position is still available. -Clan Synergy
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Hey, I'd like to join. I'm a level 37, soon to be 38. My user is "SenaSenzy" I specialize in cleric, though I'm good with any one really. I'd be able to play nights, most of the times. Though talking may be difficult since my voice tends to derp out at moments. I keep trying to add you're user, but for some reason It won't let me. Sorry for the trouble.
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Hey I sent you an application to xX Sessions Xx and sent you a friend request. It says your offline, but just know that I sent you one. Please message me back on Xbox Live. I'm about to be level 34 and I have tons of super premium items; my Warrior's sword is even a level 10 super premium item. I'm a great Warrior/Cleric/ and Mage, but usually prefer Cleric/Warrior. I'm a great leader, communicator( i have turtle beach x42's) and strategist. Sometimes I actually research strategies and I have tested whether they work good or not. I'd love to take position as co-leader and have indicated so in my application. My GT is DGregster
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Oh and im online quite often. I'm always up to play Happy Wars, especially with an organized team, so this is perfect for me. Please let me know if you have received my application as soon as you get it. Thanks.
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Hey, I'm a 32 Cleric with 14 hours played exclusively on Cleric. I've gotten a decent amount of MVPs and know my class about as well as a game like Happy Wars will allow you to learn a class. I'll send a message when I get around to it. GT: Mister Revolt
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hey sessions, sent you a FR and a msg on xbox live, my GT is FtS xFaTaLx just letting you know on here. Im a 39 warrior with really good gear and a killing machine. thanks bro.
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GT TheHumbleLeader lvl 45 play allday every day send me a message on xbox
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sent you a message - GT is same as my name on here. I'm level 26, but still ranking up. and have some pretty good items that I've bought n upgraded. Definitely rank up faster if I had a group to play with instead of a lobby full of randoms lol lookin forward to hear from you, be nice to play with some team strategy in this game for once :P
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Interested, tired of the uncoordination, pst... swypeshot... ...got at least 2 other reputable players
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Is this still going down? I play a fairly decent bit, more often than not in the evenings. Rank 33 at the moment, primary class being Cleric. I'd love to be able to run the special missions and coop modes with a preset group. My GT is MediumLebowski. Definitely keep me posted!
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hey, love playing happy wars.. Its prob one of the only games online i play at the min.. My Gamer Tag is xGibzx and i would love to be a member of your clan and meet like minded people to play the game with and win. I wont blow smoke up my own hole but i like to think im reasonably ok at playing the game, granted tho im no pro, add me tho if you want to team up with a cleric who can hold his own in a fight, aims towards healing and rez my team members and always has sacred armor available, cheers... Lvl 39