Hammerin' Hero Cheats For PSP

  1. Souvenirs

    Meet the following in-game requirements to unlock the following souvenirs.

    Code Effect
    Unlock all stages Globe
    Beat all stages Trophy
    Defeat 20 Kuromoku employees Bronze Hammer
    Defeat 100 Kuromoku employees Silver Hammer
    Defeat 200 Kuromoku employees Gold Hammer
    Defeat 300 Kuromoku employees Fantastic Trophy
    Play for two hours Pocket Watch
    Play for five hours Clock
    Get the Sushi Chef job Tea Mug
    Got the Slugger job Souvenir Ball
    Got the Rakugo Preformer job Zabuton
    Got the DJ job Headphones
    Got the Kamuso Monk job Shakuhachi
    Get the Man In Black job Glasses
    Built a home for a family Car
    Get ten Kuromoku files Folder
    Got all Kuromoku files Gold Statue
    Recieve ten Thank You Letters Half-Heart Pendent

    Contributed by: ACowWithaDS 

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