What do you want to see in Halo 5?

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What are some things you would like to see in the new game?

For me, i want them to bring back FireFight. the first time I played it in Halo ODST i didn't think it was very fun. but when Reach came out i enjoyed more because i could customize my enemy to make more epic battles. i used to turn on all the cheats in the options menu so i could kill hundreds of Elites all at the same time for the fun of it. I even made all the enemy waves 100% Hunters once to see how that would work out. one thing i think they could add is the option to deploy not only Covenant troops but also UNSC, Flood, and Prometheans into battle at the same time. that way if you got bored of fighting the Covenant or doing it by yourself. you can deploy other factions into battle to mix it up a little. heck, even choose to fight against the UNSC. or even make your own UNSC Vs Covenant or Flood Vs Prometheans battles. hell, deploy all 4 factions at the same time for complete chaos.

But that's just my opinion.

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I dont know if I even want to buy the next game, this one was so disapopinting I have a hard time even getting into it, I just quit before  a match ends anymore no one uses the mic, no one wants to have fun joke around, while helping each other out.


The single player was pretty dull too me, too linear...then again they all have been but they did it wrong int his one, mostly because I hate the new enemy they are stupid and rather cheap, like a more advanced flood but they are not fun to kill like they were.


They need to increase the numbe rof players that can play in a match, make the maps a lot bigger, as I dont like any of the maps in halo 4.  I play Reach over this game anymore, but then none of my friends even play halo anymore really, so the series has gotten stale for me.


The groups I used to play with in Reach when it was still rather new stopped playing dont even have them on my list anymore.


I honestly dont think this series is gonna ever go back too it's glory days, it's gotten too casual.