An awesome last game or so we think anyways

User Rating: 8 | Halo: Reach X360

Graphics. Awesome nothing wrong with them, would have been nice to have more interactivity though nice color and epic battles. Lack of destructable enviroment is a disappointment though.

story: Not bad good characters but honestly I would rathet they have brought the arbiter into this as a main enemy, more boss fights, and well John is still the best spartan the one that I rather play over any of the others. Even the flood would have been welcomed int his but since it's not really halo wouldn't make sense.

Weapons...same old really nothing special in fact I kinda liked having the drone gun and well still like the Halo CE weapons better felt more balanced and less cheap.

replayability: Very high but mostly for mp I just dont like the campaign as much would rather play as john fight flood, grunts, elites the works, and hear cortanas sexy voice :)

Sound: Not bad but I still am a die hard fan of Halo CE just feels more satisfying to hear the original music, in fact wish they added that in this game where you could just have the original music.

MP: Exellent overall but feel it could have had more abilities, or be able to upgrade your armor instead of just for looks. The map addons honestly are mediocre though especially the new classic ones. Most of them are bland grey maps that felt tacked on. Halo CE and Halo 2 still have the best maps out of any game in history as far as I'm concerned.

Overall: A must have though feels like it could have ended a little better the way it ended just makes me feel like it should have had Master Chief in this over all since he is on the ship captain keys is on. So a great game but really just makes you mess the old school Halo CE and Halo 2 though story wise I didn't like Halo 2 as much at least the way the level design was mostly the music is what held Halo 2 back was too rock n roll than with the sci fi feel.

Get this game!

One thing I will say is the mp is a big thing for this but for me it's starting to lose it's fun, no one hardly uses the mic anymore to play as a team mostly it's used in private chat which is annoying, and when people do use it, it's mostly to annoy others.

EDIT: So far this is still the best online game for me and my brother, it's aged pretty good considering how old it really is, I'll play this over anything else right now, but it helps that my brother actively plays with me as well so thats a huge plus, if my brother were not playing this with me...I would have stopped playing a long time ago honestly. He's decent at the game and enjoys tea bagging and shit talk with the enemy team or fellow players on our team if they are being a poor sport or trolling, so at least it's still playable with the right person.

I still see inheritors who suck in this game...not sure why you would play a game you are extremely poor at I mean it would mean you are retarded if you cant learn to play better after more than like...4 years. Inheritors are losers. In fact...anyone in any online game that is top rank likely a low life moron who has no real talent or skill that is useful in our reality or makes any money or even likely happy as a person. Just my 2 cents on people who make a game their literal life.