People still playing?

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just got live not long ago and have been playing Halo4 and liking it but I also have Reach but haven't played it online at all so my question is are people still playin it online 

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Hell yeah, love to co op. GT MrDJ235

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I got it just a few days ago, wow :D I really like it, I still found lots of people in multiplayer, I'm kinda new to the whole halo world, only played multiplayer back in halo 2 and just parts of the campaign, I've never been a big fan of FPS but its changed so much, now I really want to know more about the story, master chief and cortana, I have to get halo 4, I hope it's as good as this one, I'm hearing mixed opinions about it, but I still want to try it out ...

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I just started playing Halo: Reach again, after almost 2 years of collecting dust. =)
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For me Reach is the better game, but not a lot of people play it anymore but if you guys are game and use mics add me Darth Bane001


Halo has gone down severely since Halo 4 was released, it's gotten too casual, no one even has to try to earn their rank or kills anymore, so I just play halo 3 or reach anymore but not a whole lot haven't found any cool players that are funt o talk too and can actually help me win a match.

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@Zicorth: me too. just downloaded. traded in 3 years ago...