Montages worth watching

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Hello all, If you like laid back montages and funtages come check out my youtube channel. This montage includes a clip where I shoot my own grenade to kill a guy chasing. It was all planned and worth checking out. Here is the link for the montage: I also do a weekly clip dedicated to showing all the cool clips that are different from the regular mass multikill clips. Check out the first episode here: Thanks for your time everyone I hope you enjoy my videos.
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not that any one goes to this website anymore but also check out my montage look up grimxr on youtube Do you want free itunes, ebay, amazon, or microsoft points? 1 Go to the app store 2. Get the FREE (apptrailers) app 3.go to videos and enter the bonus code grimxr (to boost up your points) 4. Redeem ur points to get free itunes, ebay, amazon, or microsoft points its fast, free, easy, and fun.
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or if you are into humor heres a funny montage
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Here is a TROLLING montage that I did. Let me know what you think, lol. :)