Heard so much about this game, but boy was I disappointed by its simplistic gameplay and horrible optimization.

User Rating: 5 | Halo: Combat Evolved PC
I went into this game expecting so much, amazing graphics, revolutionary gameplay, great story and many many other things. But what a let down when none of it lived up to what the game really was.

Where should I start, the single player campaign is fairly good at the beginning but once you get to the mid-way point of the game you start seeing the same levels used over and over again. Then it just starts going completely downhill, you find yourself backtracking through the levels which I have never hade the pleasure of doing in a FPS. Though you may be able to explore the so called new parts of the world while your back tracking it's really the same levels that you've been playing throughout the whole game. Not the mention that the story is very dull, it really feels like the story was thrown in at the last minute, since it's really pointless, there's no need for the story in this game it's completely forgettable. The AI is pretty good (not the best, but it does a great job), but that gets dragged down by you seeing the same grunts over and over again. In the middle they change it up a little bit, but soon after you’re fighting the grunts all over again. Now this would kind of be acceptable if the single player lasted 20+ hours. But the fact is, it's more like 10 hours or less (and even that may be too nice) which is really too short considering your basically playing the same thing throughout the whole game.

Now there's one horrible problem with the game that drags everything down with it, the optimization. This is a horribly optimized game, I find it basically unplayable. For someone who has two computers that are well above the requirements and have no trouble at all playing Doom 3 and the Prey demo this is unbelievable. I'm plagued with constant frame rate drops; at times I was playing the game at 5 frames per second, not to mention that I couldn't get the game running at pass 20 frames per second. The graphics themselves are pretty good for the time, but since there are some serious optimization issues with this game I have no choice but to lower the graphics score substantially.

The one point of the game which fully lived up to my expectations was the sound. From menu screen music to the sound of the grunts screening (which you will hear alot). The only bad thing that I can say is that when you fight the same enemies over and over again the noises can get really annoying. The music it's self is beautiful and I can see myself buying the soundtrack in the near future, well done.

The multiplayer in this game is nothing special either, it's run and gun gameplay with vehicles. Your fair better off with a Battlefield game or Counter Strike than this, if you want to get this game for the multiplayer, just don't save your money for something better.

This game was such a disappointment for me, I came in expecting a game better than Half-Life 2 and I was completely let down. I'm not saying by any means that the Xbox version is just as bad as this, but I hope you've learned one thing from this review and that is don't buy this game.