COD4 is an ok game I can't say the best game I have ever played but it an't the worest either.....

In the beggning it is easy all you pretty much do is hide and shhot but as the game goes on you need to get more involved in helping out your teammates because somrtimes they can save you from geting killed. I think the best chapter of the game would have to be the 3rd because it is has a mixture of stelth and just being a mass murder. The game isn't much fun playing on recruit. I would say the best two diffcultys would have to be regular and harden. Regular for peaple who are not use to the gme and harden for people who are use to playing the game. Veterne I think is almost imposble to beat in a few missions but it can be a fun challengs at the same time. One problem to the games is that it is short and a little bit predictable when you get use to the game so it can become boring.The wepons are good the pistoles are great for close range and the assulat rifles you get (M4AI,M16,AK-47 etc) are good because they got good acturrace and can shoot at high rates of fire. The RPDs and SAWs are great for killing alot of peple that are together or taking out large amounts of people. The gerade lanchers are alos good for clearing out rooms if you don't want to in there your self.(not gerades and flashbags work just as well) .The online multiplayer is good the bordes have alot of places where you can hide and snipe people. The wepons in multiplayer are pretty much like the wepons in campain but spme have extra stuff like slincers and red-dot-sights.

This is my first reveiw so it won't be perffect. Thanks for reading =]