Very Immersive game, Great story, the vast world, created and full of intriging content that last for hundreds of hours

I am very selective in the RPGs that I play, This one is quite possible the best, maybe though it really good. Worth the money for I have been playing this game so far for approximately 60 hours and I am not close to being done. The graphics are at times jaw dropping. Nothing like standing atop of the Jerall Mountains on your trusty steed, in your armor that you quested for, looking over Cryodiil. So much quests and interesting characters with their own story to tell. Oodles of items that are beautifully crafted. Great music that creates an epic feel. The large environments that are free to explore along with the story help create that as well. At the very least a must play for all gamers to see if you like it. Best game of 2006.