Are the Servers still Online?

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Really considering getting the game, but don't wanna fork out the money if the servers aren't up. I just miss back when Halo was good. Anyone still playing/know if the servers are up and its popular enough still to be able to play?
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like less than 200 people play it, and honestly wouldn't even bother though you probably aleady know this as you never bumped your thread and probably chose not to.

I stopped playing it when Halo 2 came out, halo pc was a mess.

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Thanks for never going back too your thread and at least responding jack ass.

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@davidsworld3: crazy fuck

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lol who is hte fuck here really? Not me at least I made an effort, I hate it when people start a thread only to never go back too it, and then people like you who make an account merely to respond once and then you are likely never coming back....go fuck yourself loser.