This game is amazing. Nuff said.

User Rating: 9.5 | Halo 4 (Wireless Controller Bundle) X360
Halo 4 is an amazing addition to the halo series. I am very happy for it finally coming out. This game will last for years until the next and will not get old. The campaign and all the crazy twists that go along with the Halo series story line just keep you excited to see "whats next." And when I'm all finished with this amazing story line I am jumping straight in to multiplayer to kick some noob ass. I can honestly say that 343 studios has done a phenonemanal job with this kick ass game and a great addition to the halo series. One thing I have noticed is that the sniper rifle has some CRAZY recoil, and its unlike a Halo sniper rifle but still kick ass. And with the new sound effects, ohhh.. WOW. It just makes you feel like for every single kill you get, it makes you feel like a complete bad-ass. And one BIG change is that when you're scoped in on any precision weapon, that when you are shot you do not go out of being scoped like how it used to be in other halo games. This can be used to your advantage in alot of "showdowns" you might have or can be used against you a lot in multiplayer. So one tip I give is that you should be very careful with how you play the game. But, 343 has impressed me, and they have done an outstanding job with Halo 4. Can't wait to see what they might have to offer in the future.