trading locus helmet fo something halo 4 related

#1 Posted by sirver2 (4 posts) -
got a spare locus helmet code also longbow theme and bullet proof emblem looking for dead eye helmet mostly but if you have another code thats worth it i might trade
#2 Posted by belshir (1 posts) -
Dude i really want the locus helmet, its was the only reson i preordered it, but something happened when my mum went to pick it up, she went to the wrong store, she was still able to pick up a copy but without the preorder codes for the helmet, unfortunately i dont have anything trade but id be willing to buy it off you i like the helmet that much XD only made an account so i could reply to this post, my email adress is Send me an email if your interested, thanks man!
#3 Posted by JSorensen90 (10 posts) -
ill trade you a fotus armor set for the locus helmet message me on xbox live GT is PERS0NA the O is a zero
#4 Posted by BigJim1034 (1 posts) -
I'll trade you two special edition avatar item codes for the locus helmet. if you want to trade my gamer tag is BigJim1034.
#5 Posted by DrAvarice (1 posts) -
i will give you Microsoft points. Microsoft Corporation Xbox Live 2400 Points Prepaid online Code
#7 Posted by AnderZx202 (1 posts) -
i have a locus helmet (extra) so i want to trade it for something else..offers?
#8 Posted by frylewis100 (1 posts) -
I will trade Two Minecraft Accounts for the Locus Armour, If interested reply to this post.
#9 Posted by hentaimaster34 (1 posts) -
I have the ghost prop for avatar if you would want to trade.
#10 Posted by Zero117AsZ (2 posts) -
hi, i want the locus helmet, i have an deadeye, or if you want cash, tell me :)