Trading female FOTUS avatar armour and 14 day xbox live code for other codes.

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Greetings Spartans, I want Raptor armour or deadeye helmet for these codes if at all possible. I will not be able to tell you the codes until tomorrow probably but I will definitely do that. I have just made an account on here and I hope the community here are having a good night! Offers are obviously going to be considered so if you don't have raptor or deadeye don`t fret! Nice to meet you all and I will be checking this forum. The reason the codes can't be given right now is that I have bought the fotus female armour for trading purposes and I am still awaiting the message with the code but I doubt it will be long! Adios amigos and best wishes!
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Message to my thread: RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! Dun da da, da da da daaaaaa, da dunnnnn.
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Lively thread.