Team ISFL Now Recruiting!

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We are the one and only known pro-life Xbox Live clan! Our goal is to build a pro-life community in the world of gaming, and share our message in a way that it has never been shared before! I Stand for Life is a non-denominational organization that promotes pro-life enlightenment through scientific and spiritual discovery, media sharing, and dissemination of pro-life materials. Team ISFL Requirements: - Supported Game: Halo 4 on Xbox Live - Ideology: ISFL is non-denominational, and welcomes all races, religions and ethnic groups - provided you personally believe that: a.) human life begins at conception, and b.) EVERY preborn human being has the right to life. - Skill Level: all skill levels are welcome to participate in Team ISFL gameplay and functions, and as the ISFL Team grows, special units may be designated based on factors such as: hours that members are able to play, skill levels of members, specific team-on-team competition. - Age: Players must be 16 years or older at the time of their request to join Team ISFL. - Uniforms: when participating in competitive ISFL sanctioned Halo matches/tournaments/games, you are expected to represent ISFL solidarity in team colors as follows: primary color: ice (light blue), secondary color: white. The team service tag is "ISFL." Our team logo is an ice (light blue) ring with a black background. - Profile Info: We ask that all team members list I Stand for Life's website address in their Xbox Live Bio. Just add to the bottom of your profile to represent Team ISFL! - Time: There is no minimum amount of playtime required. Play with (or without us) as much as you'd like! Our main goal is to represent ISFL, and you can do that with other ISFL players OR alone! Rules Of Conduct: ISFL Team members are expected to respect one another. While salty language is tolerated, personal attacks on team members will not be, and should be reported to the appropriate ISFL administrator for investigation. Serious offenders will be removed from Team ISFL as pertinent to their representation on ISFL web pages, as well as prohibited from participating in all ISFL team functions. Mission Statement: Have fun! While being competitive in the universe of online gameplay is encouraged, team-work and good-will are paramount to establishing the ISFL Team as an exciting unit that brings like-minded individuals together to participate in some of the best online multiplayer gaming available! I Stand for Life looks forward to a great year for Team ISFL. Thank you for your support! If you are interested in becoming an I Stand for Life Team member, send a message to Xbox Live Gamertag "April xoxo," "Gnash Britches," or "SgtRock12." You can also send an email to "". Don't forget to check us out on Facebook at! Thank you!