Selling Halo 4 Fotus Armor Codes

#1 Posted by MadZooterd (25 posts) -
I recently bought 2 Fotus armor codes, looking to sell them for microsoft points but I will also accept trades for other armors. Microsoft points are preferable. I can post pictures if necessary. Message me and post a reply if interested, my gamertag is Mad Zooterd
#3 Posted by Jrgcanes07 (25 posts) -
How about 1600 points for it
#4 Posted by Ready4Pickup (25 posts) -
How about 1600 points for itJrgcanes07
lol i saw fotus armor codes sell for over 100$ on ebay. and you offer 20 bucks? haha
#5 Posted by Jrgcanes07 (25 posts) -
[QUOTE="Jrgcanes07"]How about 1600 points for itReady4Pickup
lol i saw fotus armor codes sell for over 100$ on ebay. and you offer 20 bucks? haha

That's a bit ridiculous if you ask me. It's virtual armor on a video game. Whoever bout it for 100 dollars is an idiot
#6 Posted by Nirvosh (25 posts) -
I will give you Forward Unto Dawn code, Specializations, Skins, Emblem, and Map Pack code, Cryotube avatar prop code, and male and female Spartan 4 avatar codes for your FOTUS armor code. I'm dying for that thing! The armor skin is for the Recruit Prime btw. Prime Assault Rifle skin comes with it.
#7 Posted by Tortur3dSouls (25 posts) -
Txt me at 334-303-2427 if you still have the code. I can give you a 100 visa gift card.
#8 Posted by caaam45 (25 posts) -
I'll be willing to pay $55 for them I you still have one, as well as an Article Battle Rifle skin, and various emblems.
#9 Posted by caaam45 (25 posts) -
I could also trade you a Locus Helmet code.
#10 Posted by SPARTANSTYLE63 (25 posts) -
Ill pay $10 for venator RPTR code my gamertag is RedSkullAssault send me a message
#11 Posted by TomDankery (25 posts) -
I still have an upopened copy of Halo 4 l.E with the in game fotus armor as well as the emblem and gun skin, and avatar coded. Interested?
#12 Posted by TomDankery (25 posts) -
Email if so
#13 Posted by Keiontay (25 posts) -
How about 1600 Microsoft points I'd really appreciate that if I could get the fotus armor for that price
#14 Posted by artwright987 (25 posts) -
I can do 3200 points for a working code.
#15 Posted by allenfinkjr (25 posts) -
if you still have the code i will buy it off of your for $20, 1600 ms points. either one not both and only for an unused fotus armor code. i really want this armor ever since i first seen it and didnt know it was exclusive to the xbox 360 bundle.. im not paying outrageous for a virtual armor let alone $500 for an xbox when i already own one. so let me know if your still have it and would like to sell it unused
#16 Posted by Wolflord0 (25 posts) -
if any one wants to trade for the armor and the other things it came with except for the xbox id be happy to trade my nuketown 2025 map for black ops II (xbox)
#17 Posted by monkey209 (25 posts) -
i will pay 1600 ms points for a fotus helmet code, XxMIN3CRAFTEDxX <---- gamertag
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ill give you 1600 ms points for the helmet gt XxMIN3CRAFTEDxX email:
#19 Posted by Ineeddatfotus (25 posts) -
how bout 2000 mp