Question for people who bought the map pack

#1 Posted by Richrach (860 posts) -

If you buy the map pack, do the the new maps show up regularly in all the playlists, and does matchmaking tend to group people who bought the map pack? A problem I had with Halo: Reach was that when I bought the first map pack, the maps rarely, if ever, showed up in the regular playslists, and I could only play them in the DLC playlist. Then when the next map pack came out and I didn't want to buy it, I couldn't play the DLC playlist anymore so the first map pack was basically useless.

#2 Posted by Lil_Ruff (10 posts) -

It is basically the same as Reach.. I had the map pack when it was released for 0 MS pts and the maps were constantly in the big team playlist. Now, since the maps have been revoked I have no idea how much the maps are rotated in, but one thing is for sure the DLC playlist usually only has ~1000 people playing in them. My guess is that not enough people have the maps now and that they are rarely rotated in the normal playlists.


Hope this helps a bit.