Pulse grenades are waste of time.

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Does anyone use these?These grenades are the worse grenades in any game that I have used.I really dont think I have killed more than 2 people with it.....its trash.

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please tell me you are joking...they are not supposed to kill people they are PULSE grenades they explode and create an energy field that pushes people away it does not serve as a normal frag grenade

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Oh is that what they do? I couldn't figure it out.
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Oh is that what they do? I couldn't figure it out.PyreofKoL
Hold on. Its a grenade that doesnt kill people. This thing kills me all the time my first play through. But your telling me its a grenade the simply pushes people
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it does AOE damage inside the circle, if you hit someone with it then shoot you get a advantage in a firefight, their good for that due to how they explode faster than other grenades

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I'll take your word for it, Shadow. All I know is that they look cool but haven't killed much other than those Promethean dog things in campaign.
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I'm sure there is AT LEST one part of some map on some playlist where they are extremely useful. 

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yeah they are an AoE grenade if anything is standing in it for the full duration of its effect they will die when the centre explodes. its better used to give you an advatage in a firefight or to block a path that an enemy would need to use because if they walked through it you could take them out with one or two shots.

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Yes, like other people stated they aren't supposed to be like the other grenades they drain players energy and give you an upper hand. I did throw one and stood in the field and didn't move it will in fact kill you it explodes near the end of its cyle and causes damage. You have two other powerful grenades, this one is simply used to weaken an opponent, not focused on killing them.

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These grenades begin detonation on impact, so they are good for throwing directly on the enemy, draining their shields and you pop em in the head. IMO they are far from useless. These grenades are amazing, and I understand why you only start out with one unless you use the Grenadier package. They are just that good.

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ok i use these grenades almost exclusively.

long range use: throw at enemy's general area and their shields fall down.  a single dmr round then kills then.  also takes down multiple enemy shields when their grouped together

short range: melee, grenade at feet, jump back.  insta kill

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They are one of the best nades for King Of The Hill. Toss one on the kill and go clear the area. If you have a couple they work very well. I get tons of kills with them because usually ppl in the hill are weak and are trying to find cover. I only use them in king of the hill