Preordered from Walmart? Two armor codes given?

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I preordered from Walmart and had them ship it to me. They gave me a code for the circuit armor via email, but I received another one along with the package.

Wondering if anyone has done the same thing as me and also received two codes. When I redeemed the codes they both show as circuit armor, but I'm unsure if they are the exact same thing. There's no way I'm going to use both codes if I only need one, lol.

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Sell on ebay :D

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Can I have one of the codes? Please. I really want the Circuit Armor with Oceanic colors. Please. Either pm me on here or send it to my gamertag which is ghstbstr
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I paid 30 cents for the wal mart halo pre order card and $5 Vudu credit. Seeing as how I never actually got the game from wal mart, I cant comment on what DLC came with it. But the redemption email I received just stated Circuit Armor, said nothing about Oceanic. It sounds like Wal Mart just gave you two of the same DLC's though. 

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I have a locus helemt i could trade you for it. really hard to get
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you should totally pm me the extra code