My Opinion *Spoilers*

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overall im disappointed in halo 4. it seems that 343i has messed up lots of simple things, such as custom game options (really annoying, also very simple given all of the combined options in 3 and reach), the pre game lobby is a mess, forge feels clunky, lack of falcon/hornet/human aircraft, mantis doesn't feel right (i don't know, it just doesn't feel very halo-y if that makes sense) and last, but not least, the campaign was terrible.

lots of missions involving a sort of "fetch and grab" style, e.g. you have to destroy two laser pylons, each pylon has a shield powered by three separate power sources, quite tedious.
it was better when the forerunners were just sort of "they were there, did heaps of cool stuff, now they're gone"
i didn't understand who / what the didact was at first, as he hasn't been mentioned in halo before and didnt introduce himself.
he knocks you out and then cortana's all like, "hey chief, the didact flew away in his mini death star thing"
also the librarian evolution thing was retarded.

to finish, i hope they release a patch fixing custom game options, (and maybe forge controls too)

please remember that this is simply my opinion, you do not have to agree, i'm simply sharing my thoughts 

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i agree with you on alot of these points, mostly on the mission types in the campaign cheif seems to have been preparing himself for losing cortana by becoming an expert at pushing all the buttons. also i cannot comment on multiplayer because i dont feel ive invested enough time in it to really comment.

however when it comes to the story 343 i feel has taken from the rich story of the books and incoperated these into the game, now while i see that most people will not understand the plot i feel that when you have read these books ( or at least have some knowledge of these books) the story becomes much clearer and i would say because of this i feel that in my personal opinion has the best story of all the halo games i have played. I would reccomend getting all the terminals in the campagain and viewing them, i beleive that they are all on youtube anyway this will clear up alot of the confusion the campaign and also looking up a few articles on the halo pedia.

that being said however i feel that it is kind of unfair to a normal gamer (even more so without xbox live) to put this story in the game. also i beleive that the ditact should have been a more fleshed out character in the game and probably have had a different conculsion to his character.

anyway just my $0.02