Most badass far

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Captain: Give. Me. That. AI !!

Chief: ...No. 

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That Captain really pissed me off. Then again, that was the intention. 


I'm glad he got what was coming to him. We didn't get much details other than the fact that Lasky replaced him, but I imagined Lord Hood or one of the either top brass on Earth threw that idiot in chains when he reported that he left Chief behind and didn't help him.

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I finished it. Yes karma will do that. I'm still rattled about... **SPOILERS** Cortana. I'm guessing they'll make up a reason in Halo 5 for her to somehow survive or re-cloned from Halsey. Hey side note, have you noticed the sound in cutscenes being very muffled? It annoys me as hell for a game which has such eargasmic sound to have aquarium sound in cinematics...I'm guessing 343 is already working on it.
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Yes, i too see Cortana coming back somehow in the next Halo. Let's be honest what is Halo without an uber smart tech savvy AI. So I definitely see her making a return or a new version coming that somehow mutates back into the original Cortana.

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Ya for sure she'll be back but I wonder if it's gonna be new her or somehow remnants of her will remain. Also what the hell happened in the end? You were teleported into some digital world?

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It's essentially a hardlight shield but completely enclosing the chief. That's what Cortana used to become physical for a moment too

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No Sir

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It's interesting reading "HALO: The Thursday War" while playing Halo 4. Interesting insights and a great description of the head of ONI's take on Del Rio.