looking for halo 4 friends

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what is up guys i just switched from ps3 to xbox and halo 4 and all my friends play ps3 so im looking for friends or even a clan that would want to play halo 4 and yes i got a mic im going to get on right now so feel free to add me gamertag: goofinator14633
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oh and im not a noob i been play halo since the beginning just my old xbox broke and decided to try something new a ps3 but im back now :)
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You can add me if you want, gt Intense Release
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Go ahead and add me if you want:   Sun Of Sin

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add me phoenixboii =)
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my gamertag is BLEEDING WRIST not emo just an idiot who chose a jacked up gamertag
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Add me I wiil pwn u badly: Seanflamin