KSI Unity Clan Recruiting

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Hey guys im DarkR3aper82 soon to be KSI R3aper82,the clan im in called KSI Unity is recruiting for Halo 4. We are a huge clan that plays multiple games and the entire clan is called KSI Global. But if you reply to this thread for Halo 4 it is for the KSI Unity squad for halo. If you would like to join this thread contact me on xbox live GT- DarkR3aper82 or (KSI R3aper82 or KSI R3aper depending if one is taken.) Also if you would like to learn more about KSI check out our clan website at ksiforums.org
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lol i remeber this ksi clan from halo 2 then never seen again in halo 3... lame

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No thanks, there is no point to clans in Halo games....plus, never found a KSI member that was worth it.
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well this is a new squad in KSI called unity its made of newer KSI members for Halo 4
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I think I remember playing a KSI kid once, he was garbage.

Also stop recruiting a clan here you're no good anyway everyone gets in, it's pointless there's no requirement for skill or talent


Go back to cod

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i remember ksi on halo 3 always with the racist comments and ended up getting smoked and silenced before the matches were over lol