I love making custom maps

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...however I hate how the players I try to invite are either too impatient and just want their sand box pre-created.Its like they want to know where the weapons are at,where the vehicles are at,or maybe they are just so fixated on what the environment is supposed to look like along with how its set up that it makes them so overly critical only to completely diss my custom map creation.PSH! If they want a map that is fully decked out by a 343 studios Rep then hey!... go find one of those guys to make you a custom map.I don't see any maps that are even similar to mine, most of all this is the reason why the Forge is there so people like me who want to see something different can have that difference! I mean doesn't playing the same map with the same set up get old fast? IDK but sometimes i feel as though the whole map thing shouldn't have been created if it boils down to this. Then again I could be wrong. Is there anyone out there who would like to experience a BIG TEAM battle? the type of battle where you can have 3 on 3 banshees,all while below you on the ground you have snipers tucked away at a distance shooting from a far aiming their bullets right at another opponent at the other side of the map? ...how about a narrow bridge crossing from one point of a space island to another along with a gravity hammer ready for some one to own some noobs along the way as you bash them out into space?lol! How about racing your vehicle fast enough to jump a few ramps and avoid falling into deep space just so you can get to the opponents base?how about all this happening at the same time? Lets not forget we can play capture the flag and having auto turrets activated near by making it even more CHALLENGING for both teams. I've played plenty of custom maps I was invited to. Infection is ok and for some odd reason its very popular. Still those custom maps could use a little bit more ump. I've also played a few maps my friends created....I just wanted to face palm after seeing what little variety there was and how the maps just lacked creativity. Enough of my rant.If your game and love Halo 4 as much as I do then add me to your friend list. My gamer tag name is Gitlade2dai. Just send me a message if your interested.remember if you invite people to play,the more the merrier! =)