Halo 4 Multiplayer requires 8GB?!

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Unfortunately, I have a 4GB xbox but i already have a 500GB external device (don't ask where i got it) . i was asking why halo 4 multiplayer requires 8GB of memory. I'm just very curious about it.
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Because the content is on DISC 1 and DISC 2 and in order to play multiplayer it automatic  install DISC 2 into your memory.
Don't know why they did it but mabye because of the kick ass graphics online.

Mabye a 32GB USB-stick would work ?

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thanks man! wait........ halo 4 comes with 2 discs?!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew that OMG!
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Can't tell if sarcasm or serious :/
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I couldn't be more serious than ever. I didn't buy Halo 4 yet. :( $60 seems a lot to me when it comes to video games (don't ask why).
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I herd it's actually 3.2-3.4 gb but don't take my word for it I haven't installed the multiplayer disc. Due to e68 error on hard drive :( so I play offline only using a 4gb usb stick :)

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So Halo 4 comes with two discs: original game and multiplayer install disc? Maybe it's because of the awsome graphics. P.S. If there's an error on your hardrive, buy a flash drive. Xbox can use flash drives to store data. You NEED to play Halo 4 multiplayer. It's so epic! I played it at my friends house last weekend.
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Yeah it's only around 3gb and yes there's 2 discs 1 for game 2 for install
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Yeah i'll be online on christmas holiday xD , and halo 4 came with 14 day xbox live trial so I'm set.