Halo 4 is Trash

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I wanted to like this game I really did. But they just did everthing wrong! The single player story seems forced and pulled out of their a$$. The multiplayer has soooo much lag and just flatout cheap crap it's worthless and Spartan Ops is just pathetic. Spartan Ops and sp can be forgiven but multiplayer is where this game is suppose to shine! Watching a kill cam or 2 will show you how rediculous this games hit detecting is. Every other game lags in game breaking fashion. it's just flatout a broken piece of trash. reach had a few issues but nothing even close to this scale.  Being a halo fan since day 1 of Combat Evolved it's a heart wrenching experience. I give 343 to the end of the year to fix most of these issues or Halo will just be a memory for me.

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i've had some terrible lag problems but it's because it gives some dumb kid with dial up host and refuses to switch it thats where the hit detection comes in and yeah CoD's lag is still worse