Halo 4 Co-op Legendary campaign team needed!

#1 Posted by All-Day-Stoner (63 posts) -

Hey guys! who wants to do the campaign from start to finish! I'm gonna be on tonight so post your gametags and we can get everything going! I'm in the uk too. 

#2 Posted by zerolies (1 posts) -

Zerq 91GSX I'm in the US but I'm always down for a run. 

#3 Posted by Desolation_II (3 posts) -
Desolation ii. Trying to get mark vi!
#4 Posted by DoxtorX (1 posts) -
GT DoxtorX I want to do Requiem on legendary with tough luck skull on :3
#5 Posted by zajatt (1 posts) -
Hey! I would like to try complete campaign in legendary this friday/weekend. Just add me as a friend and lets play! zajatt
#6 Posted by sunbeam4 (32 posts) -

Hy as titled says, looking for collegue. legendary only. full campaign coop and some achievements on the way.

speak english & french. maturity appreciated. 20+. all DLC if multi.